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The 3rd episode of our podcast "Skill-Talk, DIGITAL KLARTEXT" is live!

Today we have Dirk Hauke as our guest: Partner & Senior Partner of the parsionate Group.

In his current position, Dirk deals with topics such as AI and data science. In his previous position, he was CEO of the KLiNGEL Group, where he drove the digital transformation forward.

In today's podcast, Dirk Hauke and our CEO Dirk Klose will look at the loss of third-party cookies.

They discuss the following questions, among others:

  • How can users be identified in the future without the use of third-party cookies to enable personalised targeting?

  • How will advertisers obtain a comprehensive view of users and their activities across the entire digital ecosystem in the future?

  • How can omni-channel be mapped in the future?

  • In which area will data science play a decisive factor?

In this podcast, we have taken up topics requested by our podcast listeners and hope to have shed light on the questions.

Click here to listen to this informative podcast episode.

Please note that this podcast was recorded in German.


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