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Market Development

The rise of the platform economy has led to completely new market participants being able to overtake and in some cases even control entire industries without manufacturing their own products. Companies of the so-called "old economy" have had to and still have to rethink, adapt and further develop their business models in order to remain competitive and continue to grow. Access to data, but above all the adept handling of data and the correct integration into one's own business models has never been more important than it is today.
Increasing influences from large international companies, data protection compliance with changing regulations or keeping up with technically rapid developments are just some of the current challenges.

Market development

Our experience over the past decades has shown that the rapid developments of technologies not only give rise to new business sectors, but also permanently change existing, traditional industries. The music industry was probably the first to be disruptively changed by digitalisation. The automotive industry is currently in its greatest phase of change towards e-mobility (mobility providers), driven by market developments, climate protection and new competitors from the field of alternative drive technologies. The key to successful business models lies in understanding consumer expectations and fulfilling their wishes with best-in-class products. To do this successfully, access to and successful interpretation and use of data is essential. We support companies in analysing which data assets are available to their own company and how to gain access to them (in compliance with data protection laws). We provide answers to the increasingly important question of which companies I can or should cooperate with in order to create a competitive advantage and open up new and sustainable business areas. What is needed for this (technically as well as resources and know-how). 

Hotline Consultant

Market development

How do you create your decisive competitive advantage with regard to the latest market developments?
We would be happy to answer this question for you.

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