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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a process of continuous enhancement of digital technologies that have a sustainable impact on our economy and society. It requires new business models, new products, technologies and services and a new way of structuring companies. In the context of digital transformation, the expectations of potential customers are changing. Consequently, companies are being asked to adapt existing processes and replace them with much more efficient, digital processes. Examples of digital transformation include Big Data, Cloud Services, Smart Devices, Internet of Things, Blockchain or Social Media, which not only accompany our lives, but also influence - and change - them.

Digital Transformation

SkillProjects will guide you through your digital transformation with a deep understanding of knowledge and experience in order to secure and expand your previous business success in the digital age in the long term.


We conduct a transparent analysis of your existing system and organisational processes as well as the associated internal processes and procedures from a market, competitive and customer perspective.


Furthermore, we collect and elaborate the specific requirements of all stakeholders.


After benchmarking the existing requirements, processes and structures, we will expand them, taking into account the growth-oriented corporate goals as well as target-oriented feasibility.

This is followed by the creation of prioritised requirement and process catalogues, taking into account score values, as well as the tendering and support of pitches.


Finally, an implementation and rollout plan is being developed, taking into account timings, responsibilities and accountabilities.

In addition, the conceptualised technologies are integrated into existing or newly created processes and structures.

We support the operational implementation and empower your teams.

Digitaler Vertrag

Digital Transformation

Together, we adapt your individual corporate strategy and the most important business processes and permanently anchor digitalisation in your organisation.

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