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Data Governance

Data governance embraces the processes and responsibilities relevant to the quality and security of the data used in a company or organisation. Companies can thus determine who can use which data in which situations and applying which methods.

Data Governance

The basis for efficient data management is data governance as a framework with rules and guidelines for handling data within the company and across company boundaries. The provision and use of data is a matter of course for data-driven companies. Data governance ensures that data is used securely and openly at the same time. It creates the organisational framework for handling data, structures roles and responsibilities and thus supports the use of data in the company - and at the same time sets rules for handling data. To organise the quality and life cycle of data, your company depends on professional metadata management. Data protection can hardly be guaranteed without defined responsibilities. The provision of their metadata determines the efficiency of the work of data scientists, but also the acceptance of their users.

Big Data systems should provide the desired information agilely and quickly. At first glance, data governance seems like an irreconcilable contradiction to this goal. In fact, however, data governance and big data systems complement each other perfectly: a data catalogue with information about all available data and with good data quality dramatically increases the speed of data-driven tasks and projects.


Data Governance

We are your professional partner for the establishment of data governance structures. We will guide you through all the necessary processes. We are also happy to assist you in the implementation and realisation.

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