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#5 - Programmatic People Business -Communication is everything!

#5 Hossein Houssaini | Advertising & Technology Enthusiast | Advisor, International Speaker, Founder & Ad Tech Personality of the Year | Top industry expert in data-driven advertising.

In this podcast, Dirk and Kolja interview this very same great industry colleague!

They discuss topics including:

  • The future is creative-human and artificial-tech-based. It only works with empathy and an interest in the individual combined with data.

  • Programmatic is an expanding business - what skills are important?

  • How do you find your way to the box of gold in the Programmatic business?

  • What does the mobile game Snake have to do with the target group?

  • What was his personal, professional recipe for success?

A great mix of looseness and expertise!

Click here to listen to our podcast episode.

Please note that this podcast was recorded in German.


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