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We work beyond the strategic consulting horizon. Because it is not only talking, but above all doing, that distinguishes us from other management consultancies and defines our work.

SkillProjects - Hands-On

After successful strategy planning or conceptual design of your digital solutions, we also actively support you in the concrete implementation of the respective projects or project modules. We support you with our comprehensive and long-standing expertise exactly at the point where you need active operational help in the most diverse areas and are also happy to pass on our know-how to you within the framework of trainings and workshops.

IT architecture

Customer data is the heart of your CRM system. They form the decisive basis for understanding and recognising customer needs in order to enable optimal customer orientation. On the basis of these insights, targeted and specific marketing and sales measures can subsequently be controlled, which is decisive for your company's success. It is important to establish a suitable connection between all systems involved within your company to systematically merge customer data and to optimise company processes. Only with an appropriately networked technical architecture behind it can this enormous potential of customer data be fully exploited and used in a targeted manner. We support you in designing your system landscape and take on the conceptual design of the CRM data architecture suitable for your company with the aim of creating an integrated cross-company information system. Let us activate your potential together and optimally set up your CRM system. 

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Data platform

If you need support in setting up the right data platform for your customer data management, you have come to the right place. In the first step, we record the current situation by analysing the existing data connections and pipelines after setting concrete objectives. Based on this, we create a target picture in the form of a target architecture, which is then concretely implemented as such. A comprehensive data model set up by us fills the necessary data catalogue as a component of your data architecture.

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Tender procedure

Which system provider is the right one for you?

To answer this question and to be able to make a decision, we take over the entire implementation of the necessary tendering process as an essential part of the technology provider selection. In our specially developed and completely transparent procedure, we take over the entire RFI and RFP process, enter into an exchange with the various technology providers, implement the necessary catalogue of questions as well as their processing and preparation. We also coordinate and plan the final presentation dates for the providers that come into consideration.


You don't need to worry about anything!

Project management

If you need relief in the area of project management, we can actively support you at any time. Our external perspective enables us to provide a completely objective project assessment at all times. As interim project management, we control all necessary internal and external teams or supervise the individual project phases as part of your project team in order to lead your project to successful finalisation.

If you wish, we can act on your behalf and be part of your company.

Advertising Technology

Adserver, DSP, SSP, Data Clean Room, tracking processes, CDP, DMP, ID Solutions - these are not new to us. As digital natives we can efficiently support you with our comprehensive knowledge of the digital advertising ecosystem and actively assist you with upcoming technical implementations, no matter whether it is onboarding or the operation of the various advertising technologies/systems.

Campaign management

We are happy to take over the technical setup of your online advertising campaigns in the corresponding systems with regard to your objectives and KPIs. We ensure that your campaigns run smoothly and successfully. Should problems occur within your online advertising campaigns, we will go in search of errors in order to analyse and eliminate the problem within the scope of a comprehensive troubleshooting. We also help you with the conception of your tracking concept for successful campaign control and measurement.

Trainings & Workshops

In order to be successfully positioned for the changing digital future, it is enormously important to have the necessary know-how so that the digital corporate strategy can be implemented in a targeted and optimal way. Within the framework of training courses and workshops, we help you to build up and consolidate the relevant knowledge in your teams. We also support you in actively dealing with various topics/questions in your team and in developing concrete measures and next steps for your future actions.



Our hands-on range is diverse and flexible according to your needs and wishes.

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