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SXSW 2023 is Calling!

In a few days we will start going on an inspiring journey to Austin to experience technological future trends and exciting new insights in a unique atmosphere.

Founded in 1987 in Austin/Texas, SXSW is an important destination for professionals from all over the world. It connects artists, creatives and entrepreneurs from the technology, film, music, education and culture industries and offers an extensive program of conference, concerts, film screenings, interactive events and networking opportunities. Over 10 days the convergence of industries comes to life at the world's largest digital conference, which attracted 280,000 attendees last year.

We will also get inspired in Austin, will exchange ideas with international experts, will make new contacts and will report from there in a new podcast episode. SXSW has already proven in the past that the most unexpected discoveries are made when different topics and people come together. We're very excited what we will expect. Stay tuned and get in touch if you're there too.



Image from Freepik

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